In 2016, we sold our winery in Western Colorado to follow a dream of traveling the country to see the sights and taste the wines from across America. We traveled more than 12,000 miles over three months in our Airstream, Stan, seeking to find the time when America's greatest love was the car. While we loved our adventure, we missed out on the ease of traveling unknown back roads to find off-the-beaten-path tourist traps, pulling over quickly to hop into kitschy souvenir shops, and turning around to take silly photos at unexpected roadside attractions.

On Day 88 of our Airstream adventure, we started planning our next trip as we drove through a mix of snow and fog in the Texas Panhandle. Part of the motivation to buy a trailer and travel the country was to fulfill a lifelong dream of driving Route 66 from start to finish, taking weeks to ensure that we saw every bit of it, the decaying tourist camps, rusted neon signs, and dusty abandoned desert towns. It was then that we realized that we wanted to stay in the vintage motels and have the ability to turn around easily for that perfect photo, so the decision was made to sell the Stan the Airstream and travel by car moving forward.

Since that day, we've traveled more than 40,000 miles in our trusty Toyota Land Cruiser. From Death Valley to the Black Hills to the Kansas Plains, we've set out and found vintage, touristy, and quirky places throughout the country.

Based in Colorado, the Western United States is our most explored region, but we've traveled to 48 states, dozens of state and national parks, and more tourist traps and kitschy roadside stops than we can count. Almost as much as we love traveling is planning our trips, and it's not unusual for our founder, Jen, to get lost in research for hours, even for a quick weekend trip. We are excited to share our love of two-lane trips and backroad adventures with others!


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