How It Works




We'll schedule a call or meet virtually to learn about you and your desired trip. We'll discuss your destination(s), schedule, focus, and any special wants or needs that will make your trip perfect.



We'll dig in and start researching to craft your adventure, working with you one-on-one throughout the process to provide options for lodging, food, roadside attractions, route, and all aspects of your dream trip. We won't just offer suggestions; we'll create a journey of a lifetime specific to your desires.

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Hit the Road

Once created, we'll provide you with a bespoke trip plan and detailed itinerary. Before you depart, we'll send you a physical copy of your trip plans, including lodging, restaurant suggestions, and what not to miss along the way.


Pet-Friendly Travel

After traveling the country in our Airstream with our dog, we couldn’t imagine leaving him behind, so we now make sure that all of our road trip travels include our furry friend. We’ve spent countless hours researching our trips, which includes ensuring that they are pet-friendly and our red rascal, Saxby, can come along for the ride. If you’re looking to travel with your furry family member, we can create a pet-friendly trip that’s safe and fun for everyone.

Vintage Hotels & Motels

Before the chain hotels and motels, there were mom-and-pop tourist courts and motor lodges. To attract travelers, they would be bathed in neon and themed in a western, atomic, or mountain-lodge-type style. While the number of roadside motels has dwindled, many are still open and ready to welcome today's travelers. From the newly refurbished to the vintage originals, we can help you find the perfect lodging for your adventure. 

Quirky Roadside Attractions

Traveling the old US Routes and two-lane roads is the perfect way to discover the wacky, fun, and historical places throughout the country. From a giant elephant to Superman to a batwing gas station, we'll help you find the quirkiest and kitschiest sights along your route.

Backroads and

Off-Road Trails

Looking to hit the dirt and explore beyond the pavement? We can help provide suggestions for everything from that old stretch of Route 66 to technical mountain passes. 

Dining for Dietary Restrictions

Roadside diners, drive-ins, hometown bakeries- there are so many tasty options to explore on a road trip. As fun as it would be to indulge, it's just not an option for some. We'll provide restaurant options along your route for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, and other food-restricted diets. 

Ready to Pack Your Bags?

Ready to Pack Your Bags?